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Sign-up for an account, create your menu or customer journey.
Publish your Pre-Order-It QR Code which automatically loads your Menu or Journey.
Only pay when you actually take an order.

Ice Cream





Exclusive Area

Ice Cream Delivery franchise. The perfect small business opportunity. Do you live near a beach, resort or park, then a Pre-Order-Ice-Cream franchise might be for you.

Exclusively cover an entire location. You can fulfil the Pre-Order-It fixed ice cream delivery menu. On times to suit you, you will fulfil direct orders.

Exclusive Menu

Pizza Franchise. Do you want to start a Pizza Restaurant, but do not have premises. Then why not start a Pre-Order-It-Pizza franchise.

Exclusively cover an entire geographic area. Customers can select from the approved Pre-Order-It Pizza Menu. Enjoy shared offers, discounts and special deals.